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Taster Experience.

Discover what makes a Super Optom

    A taste of things to come    

How do you know if a job is right for you before you apply?

Especially if it means taking a leap into a new branch of optometry that you’ve never considered before. At The Outside Clinic you can book a free, no-commitment Taster Experience to see for yourself what 21st Century domiciliary is really like. And when we say ‘experience’ we mean just that.

Technology and equipment is the biggest eye-opener for most people. On the Taster Experience, you’ll get to use a mobile version of nearly every type of instrument you would find in a high street practice. You also have a chance to go out in the field and discover what it’s like to conduct a test in someone’s home rather than a windowless practice room.

"I had no idea domiciliary was so advanced. The equipment is incredible."

Meet the team


From Scheduling to Professional Services, we will give you a much greater understanding of the team that’s there to support everything that you do.

Conduct a home eye test


You can appreciate the enormous difference you will make to people’s lives, and experience their gratitude for your help.

    What happens on the day    

Hands-on with the kit


As well as the famous EYEris digital record system, you will get hands-on with the portable slit lamp, digital fundus camera, tonometer and indirect binocular ophthalmoscope.

    Frequently Asked Questions    

    Book your Taster Experience     

Tel: 01793 648 602     Email:

The Outside Clinic, 10/14 High Street, Swindon, SN1 3EP

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